Friday, November 27, 2015

week 9 &10

I was given the daily tasks of getting packages and sorting them back to inventory or repair. Like the usual, I was ordered to open up packages and keep log of the items that were received for repair or return. This week I got a lot of stylist pull returns which was pretty cool to see what magazines used the jewelry for their spread. Other than keeping track of inventory through received packages, I was also in charge of keeping track of the new collection. I had to figure out the missing pieces and send new pieces to the people who put the designs together. It was interesting to see the process of putting the jewelry together. My boss also gave me an interesting task of creating several email subscription layouts. I collected images from the website and used my resources to pull together 4 layouts. I used Nordstrom, Macy's, etc as inspiration for the layouts. It was fun to use my own ideas to create designs on InDesign. It's exciting to know that my designs could possibly be a part of the email subscription or as an inspiration. As this company is becoming bigger, it's exciting to see the growth of this company even as small as sending email subscription advertisements to customers.

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Week 10

The events in Maryland this past weekend were a lot of fun. Thursday I got to the store where the event was going to be held and had to help get everything set up and ready for that night. I helped bring things in and out of the truck my boss drives for wholesale and helped clean and set up the store. The event and trunk show started around 4:45 pm where VIP guests were invited to a cocktail party at the restaurant across from the store. During that time, I was in the store assisting people and changing the model every 20 minutes or so. Since this store was in my hometown, I ran into some familiar faces and even saw my friends mother working at the store. It's such a small world! Then, the cocktail party moved to the store where people were trying clothes on and buying items while the press and other bloggers were roaming around the store. Finally, Nicole Miller showed up and it was so cool to be able to see her in person. Unfortunately, I was really busy, and the store was super crowded, and didn't get a chance to meet her. The night finally ended around 9:30 pm and my boss and other women who I work with went to the restaurant across the store and ate a late dinner. 
The next day was a lot slower and not busy at all. It was another trunk show and I just ran some errands for my boss and then helped them load the truck back up with our Nicole Miller samples. The pictures below are a little sneak peak of the inside of the wholesale truck. Unfortunately, I was unable to take a picture of the store and the event and I'm really disappointed about that because it looked so pretty! 

Wholesale Truck (pt. 1)

Wholesale Truck (pt. 2)

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Week 9 @ Freedom Rains

This week was pretty cool because we got in the first prototypes for a few of our designs. It's definitely exciting to see a drawing evolve into a physical coat. Of course, however, prototypes are not without their flaws, especially since they're the first iteration of the design. We had a few different fittings this week to figure out what we need to improve on and what needs to be taken out. Sometimes details will look good in a sketch but don't necessarily work in real life, or vice versa. There's all these little things that we have to think about when creating a product that will be sold out in the marketplace. For example, we found that on one of the down coats that came in the nylon fabric kept getting caught in the zipper. If we left it as is and it ended up staying in the line, there would probably be a lot of returns on that particular coat because of ripped fabric and zipper jams (which would be unacceptable anyway considering the coat's price). Then, the buyers would be unhappy because we sold them something that caused them to lose money. So, in order to avoid all of this, we're going to have another sample made in a heavier nylon that won't rip as easily and decrease the down filling around the zipper so it lays flat. I'm definitely learning to be a conscious designer by attending these fittings. We have a responsibility as designers to always be aware of what we're creating/selling and how it effects the consumer.

On a happier note, the owner of our company took our whole office out to lunch this week, which was really fun. Everyone, especially the design team, is starting to feel the stress of needing to have everything completed within the next couple of weeks. It was definitely nice to go out with everyone and not talk about work and I was definitely grateful to be included.

Thursday, November 19, 2015

week 9

This week was a bit slower in the office. We are working with some new brands and getting a ton of shipments into the office. I have been helping the fashion team hang up all of the samples and steam them. I also am in charge of adding the samples to the inventory. Along with the samples, came tote bags that we sent as gifts to editors and bloggers. I was in charge of the gifting. My job was to write personal notecards, wrap each sample, tie bows, and take pictures. I have always loved arts and crafts and really enjoyed decorating the gifts.

I really feel like I am getting more comfortable around the office. I know exactly what to do and where everything is, which makes me feel like a hard worker. I am getting really close to my boss and to the other interns and workers. I really enjoy going to work everyday because it is such a great atmosphere. I'm excited to see what other events are in store for the next couple of months.

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Events in Maryland

Since the holidays have been coming up, I've also been really busy in the office and store. I've been learning a lot and still have so much to learn. I helped out with inventory in the store, setting up new items in the system, handling making orders, and so much more. I'm excited to learn even more these next few months on co-op!

This Thursday and Friday I will be working events for one of our vendors, Panache, in Maryland. What's nice is that the events are only 10 minutes away from my house and less than a minute away from where my high school is! I'm glad I get to sleep in my own bed and also attend these events with my boss. Nicole Miller is even going to be there on Friday! I will be helping with the trunk show and then there is also going to be a cocktail party that I will be able to attend. I've been really excited for this event and can't wait to learn more about wholesale from this experience. 

Monday, November 16, 2015

Finding Balance

One of the best aspects of working in PR in my opinion is being able to go to a bunch of events and seeing the work we put in to promoting our clients to editors. On top of that, meeting tons of editors from magazines I know really well. Having a role to play during the event, even if it is just checking in editors and bloggers, still feels like a good experience to say I've done. This week, I was asked to work a SkinCeuticals event, promoting one of their products. Special guest, and Olympic 2008 gold medalist, Nastia Liukin, was there to put on a performance on the balance beam. The event took place in the meatpacking district, which was really cool to finally see. It's a place that I absolutely need to go back when I have free time.

I had to arrive at the studio around 8 am to help with final touches. The place looked modern and fresh, perfectly fitting for the brand. There were two time slots for the event, which meant that I was lucky enough to witness Nastia perform twice. Working here so far has been such an experience and some of the ABPR employees even said they will teach me to write press releases soon enough! I can't wait to learn as much as I can while I'm here and challenge myself to do bigger tasks in the office.

Week 8 @ Freedom Rains

This week started out really exciting! One of the fabrics I've been developing came in and I got to physically see it with my floral print for the first time, which was really, really cool. Although I'd love to post pictures of fabric and show what I've been working on, I'm unable to due to privacy reasons. We're using it for a few of our Fall '16 styles and I'm excited to see the garment samples when they come in during the upcoming months. We've been busy sending our sketches and tech packs out to our factories and developers, so we should be getting the first prototypes fairly soon. Also, this week our company decided to establish a ZAC Zac Posen diffusion line, which will offer cheaper versions of our higher end outerwear and will be sold in off-market stores like Burlington Coat Factory. This is a great way of promoting Zac's name and expanding our audience. There may be a lot of people who admire his couture ball gowns or watch him as a judge on Project Runway, but can't necessarily afford to purchase from either of his lines. This is a great way for them to do so!

Tech packs are vital to our design team; they're just part of being a designer. I have to deal with them pretty much every day, whether it's creating them or organizing which ones have been sent out to our factories and which ones need to be sent out. As I've mentioned in a previous post, tech packs are pretty much like instruction manuals and have to be highly detailed but easy to read. They contain a detailed sketch of the garment being created, a complete list of all materials that will be used, measurements, comments on the design details, photos ... the list could go on and on. Although our company is most known for doing the ZAC Zac Posen outwear line, we also occasionally take on private label projects for other brands. This week I was in charge of creating for tech packs from scratch for one of these projects. It was a little different than what I normally do, since it involved leather and suede skirts and tops rather than just coats - that was a nice change of pace! The company sent us samples of the pieces they want reproduced, so I needed to look at them and figure out how they can altered as per the company's wants/needs.

Also, I just wanted to take a minute to say hi to the freshman (I think you're freshman?) that have been keeping up with all of our blogs! Co-op is definitely an exciting and rewarding time and you should absolutely be looking forward to it. Start building your portfolio now in Design I and always remember to save the stuff you've created moving forward!! Your classes will unfortunately only get harder, but they will challenge you to not only think outside of the box but also problem solve - and in my opinion you can't really do one without the other. As you take Design I, II, and III try to think about how the work you're doing could be applied to a garment. I know, at least for me, that made all of those extremely tedious painting projects seem more meaningful.