Monday, April 27, 2015

Alone for the Day

Today my boss had taken the day off so I was in charge of sales floor. I was extremely excited and stressed. I wanted to accomplish everything on my list of things to do and more. I really wanted to impress my boss. It was a crazy morning since I was mostly by myself. We got an outrageous number of online orders to pick and ship out. I completely forgot the school year is ending and people are getting ready to graduate! After finishing the online orders, I cleaned the store. I wanted it to look pristine so I took a lot time making sure everything hung on a hanger perfectly. Once some of my co-workers started showing up, the work day flew by. At the end of the day my co-worker and I decided to re-merchandise the gift wear section. We stared at the section to look for the untapped potential of it. After staring, and some trial error we figured it out. We condensed some gift wear so that the displays went along with a theme. We have dorm accessories, business, and alumni gift wear. We rearranged the section to correspond to these categories. We also turned the fixtures to expose product that was once hidden. It was a simple face lift but I'm hoping more sales will generate from it.

Friday, April 24, 2015

Dressing for Co-Op


Co-Op by emilybakerrr featuring a sequin skirt

When it comes to dressing for co-op, my office is pretty professional. I have seen a mix of business casual and business professional, so sometimes picking out an appropriate outfit can be difficult. Since I work in a government building, I lean toward the business professional end. I thought I would make a list of my co-op wardrobe essentials and what I’ve purchased to have a variety of professional options and still add my own flare.

My favorite stores to shop at for work clothes are Loft, H&M, and Old Navy. Yes, Old Navy. I feel like Old Navy has a bad connotation to fashion folk, but I have found so many good pieces there for amazing prices. If you really compare a store like Gap to Old Navy, the quality is generally still there but for a much better price.


I really like the cropped pants, especially in the warmer weather. These Pixies from Old Navy are more like a chino material, so they are light-weight and come in every color of the rainbow. I kept it neutral with grey, light blue, navy, and vertical stripes (they also have adorable prints and polka dots!).

I also like to have a pair or khakis and black pants. I have a Loft pair that is checker print to add a little interest but still have a neutral palette.

I have invested in black, tan, and navy blazers that can go with virtually anything. H&M had nice quality blazers for around $30/$35. I like to have some fitted and some more straight cut for a casual "boyfriend" look.

Basics are always my go to. I love a crisp white button up, and I also bought a more relaxed blue button up that is casual but still put together. All of these go great with a blazer or by itself. I also make sure to have a few different color options of tanks and short sleeves to put under a blazer on hotter days.

This one is tricky for me to pull off in the office, because I feel like I need to wear tights or leggings with any skirt or dress. Everyone is usually pretty covered up, so I stay on the modest side. Depending on your company culture you can pick up on this and notice what everyone else typically wears.

Flats, flats, flats. This is another area where you can add some interest. I bought some adorable green peep-toe flats from DSW and they are so comfy! I am also in love with my nude tone pointy toe flats that go with everything. I also have a black pair and a pair of heels, but I have yet to wear them! If you are a pro heel walker then by all means go for it!

I personally do not wear much jewelry, just a small necklace or a few rings usually, but this is somewhere you can add some personality, depending on your style.

Hopefully this is helpful for anyone in a business professional office. I love mixing up my outfit, because it can be difficult to stay true to your style in a business setting. 

Photo-Styling Fun

Photo-styling is something that I have always loved, even as a child when I didn't know there was a technical term for dressing up and taking pictures of my friends and I. I spent hours putting together "looks" and we would have so much fun setting up our little photo shoots. Now, as I have been in school for about 4 years and have had internships where I was able to style and be styled I have realized that this is my passion. I enjoy being the eyes behind the image when it comes to styling a model and making decisions on how he or she should pose in the atmosphere that they are in. I also love doing this without a model and with just the product. I was given the opportunity to do this at Knit Wit with some new merchandise that had come to the store. For an entire work day I had a blast messing around with the store space and the product to create some awesome images! I hope to pursue a career in styling which will lead me to creative directing.

A Shot at Social Media

After working strictly on the sales floor at Knit Wit for a few months, I was asked to help out with the social media aspects of the store. This included Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and sending emails to customers. A lot of the content was advertising a new sale or new merchandise that was in the store. I used my photo-shopping skills that I learned here at Drexel to create ads that matched the Knit Wit brand. It is extremely important to create images that reflect the brand or else it does not really make sense. When a customer sees a post from Knit Wit they should automatically know where it is coming from, so each post should have the same aesthetic as the last. I found this to be exciting as I was reaching many people at once with my own work for a very well-known business. Social media fascinates me because it is so quick to change and one image is seen by a multitude of people. This was a cool opportunity for me and it never really felt like "work" because I enjoy using these media platforms everyday for personal use. I no longer do the social media for the store, but a new intern does who is also a D&M at Drexel! Follow the store on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook at @knitwitonline.

A sale post that went to Instagram, Facebook and an email blast. 

New merchandise from a brand called Skull Cashmere. I created this in Photoshop and it went to Instagram and Facebook.

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Less Than Fashionable

One factor that can be a challenge when commuting is that you are basically stuck with whatever you bring with you. For example, if you wear rain boots to work, when you leave Philadelphia at 6:30am, and then half way through the bus ride it stops raining. This happened to me this week and I felt like I looked out of place, however I had no other option but to stay in my rain boots and act proud of my fashion choice. A way to beat this system is to bring a change of clothes or shoes with you, however this presents the next issue, which is where to store them. I always resort to my less than fashionable backpack, which can hold practically everything I own. Conversely, I always feel slightly uncomfortable working in the fashion industry and choosing accessories that are the farthest from fashionable. It isn’t fun having people in the elevators stare at me when my bag takes up an entire extra person, and I often wish that they knew I commuted so that they would be able to understand why I wear the backpack… 

Travel Days

In Philadelphia we are a little spoiled with how easy it is to get around the city. It is not very hard to learn the street names and where each one will take you. The public transportation is easily navigated and getting a taxi for a 6-block ride seems to be the norm. I have also studied abroad in London, at the London College of Fashion. After being there for three months I found the Tube (subway) to be extremely easy to navigate and even the buses could be found so effortlessly.  Getting around the city seemed to become second nature and was executed so simply.

After living in New York City for the past two weeks I have found that these easy transportation methods are not quite the same as some of the other cities that I have visited. Although I have never gotten lost or had many problems, the subway seems rather extravagant and a little confusing to figure out. Yes I could call an Uber or a taxi to go places but the prices are significantly the higher than the ones I am used to in Philadelphia. There are many apps that I have found to be so helpful to me in learning the subway system and how to use it but what I have found very interesting is that walking sometimes seems to be the best way to get to many destinations in the city. After speaking with my coworkers and many other people that I know that live in the city, it seems that if you can walk you should. Many New Yorkers have told me this but I wanted to find out for myself. If I had been working here in the winter I don’t know if walking around to my destinations would have even crossed my mind but now that the weather is getting nicer and the days are longer it seems appealing, so I tried it out for myself. I will admit that walking can take longer and I would not usually do this in Philadelphia so this is new for me!

The grocery store seemed to be about a mile away from my apartment so I decided to try it out. I walked to the grocery store and was shocked that the walk seemed to be less of a hassle as one may think and was actually relaxing. It gave me a chance to find things along the way that I may want to stop by or visit in the future. It forces me to find my way around the city. Although I did use an app to show me directions it helped me to get used to the area and see the hidden gems that sometimes one may pass over when using the subway or a taxi. Since then I have started to walk many places so see what I find. Of course I do not walk too far and especially not in the rain, but when I can I always walk to my destination. I have found many stores, restaurants, and even views that I may not have found otherwise. Below is a view I found of Hoboken skyline and after a long day at work a view like that is so amazing to end your day!

Week One

As I made the move from my small apartment in West Philadelphia to my even smaller apartment in New York City, I couldn’t help but to be so excited to be apart of the New York City life for the next six months. I have been to New York City countless times and have even lived here for many summers as a young girl but something felt so different about this time moving to the city. I am older and have much more responsibility than ever and have to live alone in the Big Apple, but somehow I was more excited than intimidated.

For the next six months on Co-op I will be working at Nautica in the Advertising department. I will be reporting to a Drexel alumni which seems to make the process less frightening because she was just in my same shoes only a couple of years ago. As I walked in on my first day I have to admit that I was very nervous, as any intern would be. The first day very laid back and everyone seemed to be so welcoming to me. As the week progressed I began to gain more and more responsibility and was receiving compliments from the staff on my work ethic. I know that I have acquired that work ethic from Drexel, which makes me feel awesome knowing that my hard work is paying off. As I will only be working part time, I was able to get the day off on Friday. As my first week at Nautica came to a conclusion, I was nothing more than excited about the next six months that I have ahead of me with the amazing company that I am working with.