Monday, July 27, 2015

Christmas in July pt 2

Today we finished our Christmas in July window. We decided to only do one section of our window as Christmas in July. My co-worker and I started planning out what the mannequin would wear and what we could place around the mannequin as well. I was the one that hoped into the window to set up the display. The window gets very hot once the sun hits the window. Needless to say, it's best to plan the window out first then try and set it up as quickly as possible. Here's the finish product:


Last week I was lucky enough to get a full week off for vacation. I went down to Cape May, New Jersey for most of the week. I finally turned 21 on Thursday as well! It was an amazing week. It was extremely hard to get up this morning to come back to work. I can't believe I only have about 7 more weeks left of co-op and I register for my senior year classes this Thursday. Time is flying!

Here's a picture of my dog and I on the beach in Cape May!

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Thursday, the first day, in a while, that it wasn't unbearably hot out. The weather was beautiful with the hot sun and a slight breeze. My boyfriend, Joe, and I decided to venture to some of the pop-up gardens. Today we walked to Spruce Street Harbor and it was amazing. A great aspect I would like to highlight is the amount of food huts and drink/snack bars there were. I even got a little taste of Franklin Fountains delicious ice-cream from their food hut there. The actual beer garden area is a 'U' shaped dock, having a water garden in the middle. There were large multi-color Adirondack chairs and, my favorite part, nets above the water you could lay on. There were tons of little seating areas to gather and enjoy a drink. Parents even brought their children to play in the sand area. Being in such a beautiful setting I almost forgot I was in a city. It is so important to give yourself a break. Work and school are, of course, the top priority but make time for your own sanity. Having classes and work all week, relaxing near the water with a beautiful view, was exactly what I needed to clear my mind. I highly recommend going to the Spruce Street Harbor this summer, it is a beautiful atmosphere.

Off Days Activities: Hiking

On my rare days off from my two jobs I spent a lot of time hiking different trails throughout the island. I had never really been hiking before I went to Hawaii but I loved it when I was there. One of my favorite trails was Manoa Falls. It’s about a mile trail up a mountain to a scenic waterfall. Many major movies and TV shows have been filmed at this location such as, The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, and Lost. While on the hike we saw an entire crew filming scenes for an unknown movie.

We picked a perfect day because it is usually raining all the time on that trail, but it did not rain when we went. It was like hiking through a tropical rainforest, a bit muddy and difficult at times but once you reach the top the view of the waterfall was worth it. I also hiked the cliffs around the west side of the island as well mountains overlooking enclosed reefs. It was amazing being able to travel around the island finding hidden spots.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

New York Fashion Week, Men's 2016

As the Advertising Intern here at Nautica I mostly handle all photoshoots for the company including all of the pre and post production. I have attended many photoshoots and been able to see everything that goes into each one. Being in the Marketing department I also work alongside the PR team. We all work under the direction of the Marketing department but are split into our own sections (ex: Advertising, Public Relations etc.). I love being able to see the other projects that the other teams on my floor are working on as well. It is good to see what goes into their projects and be able to offer help wherever I am needed.

This past week I was able to assist the PR team at Men’s 2016 New York Fashion Week. I was granted backstage access and was there to help wherever I was needed. Most of the time I was checking in guests at the entrance of the show. I was able to meet many bloggers and magazine editors which was very cool. I also was able to attend the presentation and was able to see the 2016 Spring Summer Men’s collection. This was such a good experience because not everyone from the company was able to attend so I was so grateful to be able to be there and help out. It is always good to offer your help to others in your office when you can. It goes a long way and shows that you are a good worker and really want to help. It also sets you apart from other interns because you are showing that you care and want to do well and learn as much as you can, from as many different people as you can!

Uniqlo’s merchandising strategy

Uniqlo’s merchandising strategy and how they merchandise the store- by gender, by color, by category  

So Uniqlo as some may or may not know UNIQLO used to be a unisex casual clothing company under the name "Unique Clothing Warehouse". The contraction of "unique clothing" is what created the name Uniqlo. Now of course, the clothing is not so much unisex as there are complete lines for men, women and kids. Our Philadelphia store is comprised of four floors for men, women, kids and our main floor combining our new items for men and women and the exciting, special SPRZ NY collection, which is a new collaboration with MoMa.

As far as merchandising strategy, Uniqlo's brand is known as being all inclusive. The main tagline is MADE FOR ALL, that is why they emphasize on basics. Most of the clothing garments are able to reach all ages, genders, styles, social settings. And the brand is more than just clothing, they are referred to as life wear. The brand touches on different areas of life in general, as previously mention in another post there are apps that UNIQLO offers in the app store that aid in everyday life.

Color ordering is a another major strategy that UNIQLO leverages in their merchandising. We are taught a certain color order when displaying clothing (typically light to dark). As this adds major visual appeal. Below you can see how we display certain items, in a particular color order.

As far as category, we separate clothing by styles and operation. So for our women’s floor which is the floor I work on, we have zones and each zone is for a different clothing purpose. We are fortunate to have a very large space to work with so our store definitely differs from others. We have our main campaign clothing usually whatever is new or being pushed at the moment. That is always the first thing you see when you get to women’s floor, next is our business wear and contemporary clothing. Then you have denim and then innerwear and lastly our loungewear.

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Skirt Rittenhouse

It was recently announced that Skirt will be opening its third location in Rittenhouse! The first location is in Bryn Mawr, the second in Stone Harbor, NJ and the Rittenhouse store is set to open in mid August. I honestly think this location is the perfect for our target market. Our merchandise is aimed towards working, successful women who follow trends and are constantly looking for unique pieces to add to their wardrobe. Rittenhouse is full of working women who are willing to spend money on quality clothing. Also, the surrounding stores price points are complimentary with ours which puts Skirt right into the competition. We have been featured in a lot of local news articles including and the Philadelphia Inquirer. People are really excited about the new location because Skirt really offers quality services to our customers. As a stylist at Skirt, we all have client books that we keep and we use the books to keep track of customer purchases. For instance, if a customer comes in looking for denim and ends up purchasing 4 pairs of a certain style, or a certain brand, then I will copy their receipt and put it in my book along with notes about the customer. Then, in a few weeks, I will go back into my book and call or text the customer letting her know that we received a new shipment of the denim that she likes, or that we got in some tops that would look great with her recently purchased jeans. This type of personal service really makes the customer feel special and has been the signature at Skirt and the reason behind its success. I can't wait to see the store when it opens and its success!

Here are some links to articles that were written about Skirt Rittenhouse:
This is an image from our Bryn Mawr location which the Rittenhouse location will be using to follow the same aesthetic.