Friday, May 22, 2015

Tight Deadlines

Today I had a really busy day. I had to create a Step and Repeat (like a large backdrop you see at red carpet events) and a large vertical banner for an event we have in June.  At the event we will be interviewing people for a promotional video, so we needed some banners to have as a background, and we can use it for future events during Ciao Philadelphia!

It was a lot of work and stress, but it all was completed by the end of the day. I’m really glad that I get to create a lot of materials, which will be great for my portfolio. Plus, I generally have full creative freedom and then go over the ideas with my boss. I only have to get it approved by him, so it cuts out all of the different middle men and other levels of management, like you may find in other businesses.

I’ve also begun work on redoing our website. I wanted to clean up the navigation and give it a more contemporary design. I’ve used WordPress in the past, and I’m excited to learn more. I will be working with an outside company on the website so they can help me if I ever have questions.

This is a draft of the vertical banner which will be roughly 8 feet tall

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Organization is Key

When beginning to work in the fashion industry I want the people I am working with to see me in a positive manner. One thing that I have found that has impressed my co-workers is keeping my desk clean. It is such a simple easy part of my day, but I clean my desk throughout the day so that it always looks presentable. I have realized that at work a person’s desk can say a lot about them, and I am proud that mine says I am organized. Our desks are all that we really have to call our own at work and it reflects who you are. For anyone who is starting in the work force and wanting to make a good impression I would suggest keeping a clean space. A disorganized desk is a disorganized person. 


If you ask any of my friends, they would gladly describe me as a workaholic. I love being busy, sleep seems more of a nuisance (one that I don't partake in as often as is probably recommended), and it's unusual if my plate isn't so full that it's almost spilling over. So working 30+ hours a week in a different state along with a full schedule of classes and (attempting) a healthy social life didn't seem that out of character for me. There have definitely been setbacks, challenges and tribulations in the past four and a half months of this hectic schedule, but I've really enjoyed it. At the end of the day the commute, the stress, the multiple all-nighters, have been worth it. And so with the end-date of my internship now only two weeks away, I'm left wondering what life will be like with this crazy concept of "free time." (I say this while acknowledging I'm taking 20 credits summer take it with a grain of salt.)
Working has become an integral part of who I am. It is my favorite part of the week and its sudden absence will surely be jarring. And this type of work specifically, the corporate office type I mean, has been so much more fulfilling than any other part-time job I've held. Ok, it's a PR company and we're not curing cancer or anything, but at the end of the day I'm doing meaningful work that affects the world, even if that part of the world is just the fashion economy. I can't be too dramatic as I am very fortunate to be on co-op fall term, so it's only three months. But I think that is an interesting part of Drexel; you are a student taking on real-life responsibilities and routines, at least for part of your college experience. I think it positions us uniquely in the job market, but I also think it makes it harder, at least for me, to return to just classes. I'm looking forward to the next two weeks, dreading the last time I have to run out of work to catch the bus, and anticipating an awesome co-op in fall.

A Schedule Shift

This week I began working a compressed schedule with the rest of the office. The company offers summer hours to employees from the week of Memorial Day to the week of Labor Day. With this schedule employees have the option to come in an hour earlier or stay an hour later Monday-Thursday and then are able to leave at 12:30 on Fridays. I chose to go in an hour early each day, which I didn't think would be a big deal. This week was a bit of a rough transition. Waking up an hour earlier each day made a big difference and I found myself very tired throughout the day. The 10hr day also seemed endless. I guess it just goes to show that when you get in a routine even a small change can through things off. It may just take a week or two to get used to but I am looking forward to having my Friday afternoons off!

Hawaiian Cuisine

Normally, when thinking of Hawaii you would not think about food. However, the Hawaiian cuisine here is just as wonderful as the island itself. There are two ways to go when choosing food here: extremely healthy or extremely unhealthy.

Some of the most famous Hawaiian foods include Spam, which is a salty canned pre-cooked meat product. It is so famous here that they even have a Spam festival. However, I have opted out of this Hawaiian delight simply because of the description itself. I have tried Poke, a raw tuna salad that is quite popular. Its not one of my favorite things but you should definitely give it a try when traveling to the islands.

My favorite healthy snack is also very popular, the Acai Bowl. They almost taste like ice cream. Often served with mashed Acai and granola, honey, strawberries, blueberries, and bananas lining the top. I always look forward to heading to a little local spot right by my office that is known for having the best Acai bowls on the island.

Now to the unhealthy stuff. Just like in Philly food trucks are extremely popular here. I traveled to the North Shore to try the famous Mikes Huli Huli chicken truck that was seen on Diners, Drive In, and Dives. This had to be one of my favorite meals in Hawaii. All the food is made right in front of you with seasonings filled with garlic. Another popular item here is Tater Tot Nachos. A little local bar serves them the best along with truffle french fries with pepperoni. Trust me, the calories are worth it. Almost ever restaurant you are given they will only give you chopsticks, which forced me to finally learn how to use them.
Mikes Huli Huli Chicken Truck 

Tater Tot Nachos, Truffle Fries, & Steak

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

The Part-Time Life

Working retail can come to feel repetitive at times if you are going into work day after day being surrounded by the same product. This is why I enjoy working Mondays, Fridays and Sundays! I get to go into work and usually there is new product that I can look through and basically "study" so that I can sell it. I feel like merchandise is constantly being changed around since this is mostly being done on days that I am not there, which keeps the store and my mindset refreshed. It is always enjoy arriving at work and seeing what's new, especially since all of the summer-wear is piling in.

A downside to this is that I do not know the customers that come in regularly as well as some of the other employees. I usually end up selling product to shoppers who have never been in the store before or who have not been in recently. I work with really great women and they all have such amazing relationships with their regular customers and that is encouraging and motivating for me to one day have the same. I've been working at Knit Wit for close to 7 months and I have found it to be true that it takes time to build customer-employee relationships especially when I am so much younger than the typical customer that comes in and goes through with a sale. Overall I like the part-time life because it gives me the time to get a feel for the work life while still being in school!

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Inventory: Surprisingly Enjoyable

During my time working at Knit Wit I have experienced many aspects of the store, but one of the most interesting is receiving inventory. At times, this area gets extremely busy because of delivery times coming too close with pick-up times. There are 3 Knit Wit locations; Center City, Bryn Mawr and Margate. Center City is where all of the inventory is sent to from a variety of brands and from there it is allocated to the 3 stores.

Helping out in this department is fast paced and very repetitive, especially when there are large amounts of merchandise to unpack, hang up and tag. Since I am technically on the sales floor, my job continues after tagging the merchandise. After the inventory is allocated, it is put onto it's specific rack. I take what is on Center City's rack and bring it up to the sales floor. I remove any extra tags from the clothing and then merchandise it throughout the store.

I enjoy this task because I get to be first in line to see the new product that we received and it is always exciting to peak through it all. I also found it really cool that I was experiencing a business allocating, talking about runs and what colors should go to which store and which fabrics should go where. All of these terms that I was hearing were ones that I had learned in Visual Merchandising and I was glad to be able to understand this process and put what I learned in school to use at work.