Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Social media

Another part of my job at Skirt is taking pictures of new merchandise for our social media outlets. When we get new clothes in, I look over everything, style an outfit on one of our employees and take a picture of it. I usually try to get another picture of accessories close up. Our layout of pictures has become somewhat known to our brand. Often customers will comment on the pictures saying to put the entire outfit on hold. This is a new responsibility of mine and I'm really enjoying getting creative with it! Here are some images of posts I've done. 

Thursday, July 2, 2015

So This is What They Meant

Four years ago I had to make the tough decision as to where I was going to go to college. This is a big decision, it is not only about the studies but it is about where you are going to live, create a new life. There was no college I wanted to go to so when I got accepted to Drexel with a scholarship basically my decision was made. I did not understand why everyone said they decided to enroll at Drexel for the co-op program. Being young and not thinking that far in the future, I did not see how important an internship would be. 
It was not until I had my interviews in A round that I realized this is the time to practice, prepare, and learn for the future when I go to start my career. I got lucky and had the most amazing interview with my future boss. The interview was unlike the others, we talked as if we knew each other forever. She saw my talents and know what I am capable of by looking at my resume, she wanted to know if I had the right personality, humor, politeness that would fit in with the other employees. Talking with her was so much fun I knew I found my job.
I became the assistant buyer for Barnes & Noble at Drexel University. This is when I understood what the other students meant when they claimed they enrolled at Drexel for the co-op. My official co-op terms were this previous fall and winter but I loved it so much I now stay as a part-time employee. The co-op provided me with best friends, allowed me to network and learn about other possible career paths, and work in retail for the first time. I finally found out what I wanted to aspire to be, a planner. This helped determine the rest of my terms as an undergraduate. I now am taking classes to reach my career goal and make time to be able to work because I love my job. My co-op story is not over, and I am so happy to be able to continue.


Over the weekend of June 12th I was lucky enough to be able to travel to California to see my family. My parents and my grandparents went on vacation to La Jolla, California for the week. My mom then flew me to meet them there for the weekend. I was lucky enough to be able to get arrive in California on my moms 50th birthday. This was the first time I have gotten to see my family since I left for Hawaii.  I am extremely close with them and this has been the longest amount of time that I have been away.

We spent the weekend shopping in La Jolla, having dinner in San Diego, and visiting Laguna Beach. My co-op boss gave me one day off that week so that I could travel there. I am very fortunate that my job is flexible and was able to travel that weekend. I had a great time visiting California; I hope to be able to move there someday and work in the swimwear industry. Although I miss my family I was happy to return to Hawaii to finish up my time at San Lorenzo.

Wednesday, July 1, 2015


As I come to my half way point at Nautica I find myself becoming more and more comfortable each day with the duties and responsibilities that I have here. I have about 10 weeks left before returning back to Philadelphia for classes. Because I have been growing more and more comfortable at work, I have found that my boss has been giving me more responsibilities and tasks. I have been to two additional photoshoots in the past two weeks. One was a photoshoot for the HOME collection at Nautica and the other was a fashion shoot for the Holiday 2015 collection. Being on set at these shoots are so inspiring because everyone comes together and is so creative. From the producer, to the stylists and the photographer and set designers, I have truly learned how much goes into just one photoshoot.

One thing that I have noticed is the amount of interns starting as the summer begins. When I started in March I was the only intern with the exception of one extern. Now there are 3 other interns plus some freelance people who come in periodically. One thing that my boss and other people who work with me have told me is that they wish all interns could do six months like we do at Drexel. I have noticed that a lot of the people in the office come to me for help because I already know what I am doing because I have been here for 3 months, unlike the new interns who just arrived. It is nice to meet other interns and work with people my age but I also feel grateful that I am here for 6 months so I can learn double what most interns learn.

Monday, June 29, 2015


As I returned home from New York City after living and working there for 6 months for my co-op, I felt hungry and eager to put my new found skills to work. I started looking around for jobs and the first place I went to I fell in love with and got hired right away. The boutique I work for is called Skirt. They have stores in Bryn Mawr, stone harbor and they are opening the third in Rittenhouse in the fall. The Bryn Mawr store runs a unique styling program called StyleBox. The program offers customers who may not have time to shop, or aren't good at styling outfits, the opportunity to have clothes specifically picked for them, shipped to their house! It's an amazing concept that is really starting to take off. I was hired to be a stylist for StyleBox and help grow and develop the program. 

I begin a StyleBox by reading the online submission "style profile" filled out by the applicant, which details their sizing, style, and any specific items they'd like to see in their box. After reviewing, I head on to the floor and begin pulling outfits that I think would suit the client, including shoes, accessories and jewelry. I then review the outfits and narrow it down to the best 4 or 5. After, I type up a pamphlet that organizes the clothing by outfits and I list the prices. I then scan the clothing out of inventory and I pack up the box and ship it out to the clients house! The client gets 5 days to try on the clothing, decide what they want to keep, and send the rest back. We charge them for whatever they keep and the rest is completely free. I am loving this job and learning more every day about styling and working with all types of different people looking for different things. 

Check out more about StyleBox if you get a chance! https://styleboxbyskirt.com

Training of New Hire Employees- what is the process…what was your training like.

Hello Everyone,

My name is Jember, I'm a third year business student minoring in retail. I currently work for Uniqlo, at the flagship store in center city Philadelphia. In this post I will discuss training of new hire employees, the process and personally what my training has been like thus far.

I started working at Uniqlo about a month and a half ago and caught on fairly quick. Formal training consisted of watching instructional videos about typical employee policy, some things that were not so typical were some cultural customs that were brought over from Japan, where the company originated. Things such as handing patrons items with both hands, whether it be items during transactions (the bag of their clothing, their receipt, their tag for the fitting room etc), we also do not point in any given direction when explaining things to patrons, we always use an open hand similar to directing traffic. Uniqlo has certain standards that we must uphold especially being that we are a flagship store, and the Philadelphia store happens to be ranked #1 in different categories of standard. So we personally have an extremely high standard for many aspects of the brand. New hire employees will learn/pick up on these things as you begin working.

As far as the specific process, after you complete the training videos and orientation you do a bit of shadowing of more seasoned associates when your supervisor wants you to learn specific tasks. There are
 many things you learn as the situation presents itself. I'm a month in and I still have questions that arise as I'm working, whether it be specific questions or requests from customers, there is always something new and certain things that our policy allows and sometimes doesn't allow is not always in the training videos because they are typically more situational.

In general the culture of Uniqlo is extremely friendly and I believe it is due to our diverse nature in employees and upper staff. Also and mainly because it is also a company that originated outside of the U.S. so with bringing the ideas and customs of Japan to Philadelphia, one has to have an open mind and be accepting of different cultures so that we can best represent that in our store and through our service. I have noticed that we typically have a lot of international customers that come in due to the international recognition and following that Uniqlo already has, and if not that Uniqlo is a very appealing store visually, for those who are not already familiar it's aesthetic draws them in. Below I have included two photos of the outside of the store (day and night) where you can see how visually appealing it is.

 Besides just aesthetic, Uniqlo goes above and beyond in quality and that is something that is known and attached to the brand worldwide. The quality exceeds just the clothing, it includes the service as well and shopping at Uniqlo is often referred to as an experience.

That is another big part of our training is adapting to the culture of providing an experience for customers. And it is mainly a ongoing theme of how we present ourselves as employees to the customer and how we treat the merchandise when handling it. We have an incredibly high standard of how merchandise should be folded, displayed and even how our 'point of purchase' items are assembled. There is a color order as well as a standard order, where the color of items are arranged in a particular way. As you are being tained  you learn these things as they come up and often, especially when closing the store, you must uphold these standards.  

Thursday, June 11, 2015


When you think of Hawaii you don't normally think that it would be an amazing place to shop. But living here for over two months it has become my most favorite place to shop. Oahu has one of the biggest outdoor malls in the world, the Ala Moana Center. One of the San Lorenzo stores is located in this mall so I find myself there quite often. They have a ton of luxury stores that are constantly busy, but with my budget I think I will stick to the amazing Pac Sun store they have.

I also live right near Kalakaua Ave, which has tons of luxury stores for the tourists that are always flooding the area. I love walking down Kalakaua and looking at all of the amazing window displays. I also love that there is a surf shop on pretty much every corner. There are so many new designers and brands that I am learning about that I can't wait to bring back to Philly!

Kalakaua Ave